Clean Room Furniture’s

Mycron Air Tech Garment Storage Cabinets are manufactured for highest degree of safety for both the users and for the products high efficient HEPA filters are found in these cabinets. These cabinets are equipped with a blower, UV and a HEPA filter in a fully contained enclosure constructed of powder-coated steel sheets, which will not shed particles or contaminate the environment of your clean room.

They provide a solution for storing your clean room garments in a visible and organized manner, while at the same time removing particulate contamination from your garments as they are stored and removed.

Safety Lockers

Mycron Air Tech Safety Locker Cabinets consists of wall mount, freestanding, countertop, stackable and mini models designed to provide safe storage for flammables, corrosive liquids, tools and/or valuables. These cabinets feature a durable, SS304 metal construction, lead-free powder coat paint finish, large warning labels for clear identification of contents inside and meet a variety of regulations.

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